Gentech Generators

Wherever and whenever you need it, Think Water & Power Products has the power to keep you going. We stock both Honda & Gentech Generators, so for whatever reason you need extra power, we have the generator for you.


  •     Reliability. Honda has an unmatched reputation for reliable generators that offer dependable starts and keep running year after year.
  •     Fuel efficiency. Honda’s superior technology means increased fuel efficiency and longer run times.
  •     Quiet. Thanks to the use of inherently quiet four-stroke engines and superior technology, Honda generators boast incredibly low decibel levels.
  •     Portability. Honda generators are made for true portability, from lightweight, easy-to-carry models to those with wheeled transport kits.
  •     No More Interruptions. Honda’s scientifically developed technologies make it possible to offer consistent delivery of “clean power” which means more reliability and less interruptions. Honda’s inverter technology allows the most sensitive electronics such as computers and power-sensitive testing equipment – which shut down easily between the initial power loss and the generator kick-in – to operate without interruptions from remote locations.


Gentech offers powerful Australian made generators and pumping solutions ranging

from portable petrol and diesel powered units to heavy-duty standby gensets. Gentech is a 100% Australian owned company and the wide range of gensets are fitted with quality features, including:

  •     Quality engines. All products are powered by genuine Honda, Yamaha and Lombardini engines.
  •     Quality Italian made NSM Altenators. NSM Alternators have been around since 1963 and are highly reputed within the energy sector for their sturdy design, powerful performance and high quality output. In fact, NSM Alternators boast the cleanest power around.
  •     Less than 6% total harmonic distortion. This means Gentech generators are the ideal power source when using precision equipment requiring stable frequency and voltage, like products with built-in computer functions and micro-computer controlled appliances. With Gentech generators you'll get maximum efficiency from electric motors and uninterrupted operation from sensitive appliances, including: power inverters, battery chargers, power tools, televisions and other sensitive equipment.