Rainwater Tanks

We are able to supply a range of Rapidplas polyethylene and Edwards' concrete water tanks as well as a range of pumps and accessories to complement your rainwater


Rapidplas Polyethylene Water Tanks

  •     Rapid Plas tanks are available in either traditional round corrugated style or in a slimline design.
  •     Rapid Plas tanks are manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene and are able to withstand the harsh Australian sun.
  •     Maximum wall thickness at the base of the tank ensures long-term structural strength.
  •     Food grade polyethylene ensures drinking water is free of fibre, taste and odour.
  •     Unique roof support eliminates need for a centre pole.
  •     Rapid Plas tanks do not rust or corrode, are impact resistant and durable.
  •     Available in 24 different colours.
  •     Tank stands available for smaller sizes.